About group

Now the Group is one of the largest consulting associations of the Russian Federation rendering practically all range of services, providing modern business processes: rendering professional services in the field of consulting, audit, on accounting and the taxation, administrative consultation, a property assessment, tax planning, legal issues, including conducting arbitration affairs, crisis management, financial improvement, reorganization of business and other questions of financial and economic activity. According to Expert RA rating agency estimates the "Financial and Legal Consultants" Consulting group (FPK) since 2002 consistently is included in the list of the largest consulting companies of Russia.

Our clients have opportunity to receive all complex of consulting services in one company, winning in time, means and ensuring protection of opened confidential information.

Leading experts of Group have vocational additional education in the field of law, finance and management. It in combination with the saved up practical experience in any concrete situation allows to provide an integrated approach to the solution of problems of clients.

Specialists of Group cooperate with a number of leading Russian publishing houses in the field of finance and the right, including such as "Economy and the right", "The tax messenger", "Modern economy and the right", Legal Support Fund. The organization and holding specialized seminars in the territory of the Tyumen region (the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, the South of the Tyumen region) is part of professional activity of Group.

Code of professional behavior of FLC consulting group

(it is accepted by the decision of Board of directors of February 10, 2002)

The code of professional behavior of FLC affects professional responsibility of consultants, both before society, and before clients and colleagues.

According to the principles of the Code of professional behavior honesty is the main trait of character necessary for professional recognition. This quality on which the public trust on which the consultant of FPK has to verify all the decisions is based.

The great value is given to improvement and maintenance of professional qualities. In FLC the rule is established that consultations the employee possessing an appropriate level of knowledge can carry out only, competences, judiciousness and authority.

Professional remuneration consists in direct dependence on the received results: "Professional services shouldn't be offered or appear if under the terms of the contract remuneration or if the definite objectives as a result aren't achieved isn't appointed, or a certain conclusion" won't be made.

Effective and effective cooperation demands that the client trusted the consultant and was extremely sincere in the information. According to the principles of the Code of professional behavior an indispensable duty of the consultant of FLC – preservation of confidentiality of information of the client. The rule works: "The consultant in the public practice shouldn't open any confidential information without special consent of the client". Consultants and their staff, dealing with information from insiders (the persons having owing to official position confidential information on affairs of firm client) bear the same responsibility, as FLC management. They are obliged not to trade on this information and not to open it to someone to another.

The code contains the special rules stipulating responsibility of the consultant before colleagues. The principles put forward a fundamental doctrine of cooperation, noting that consultants of FLC have to "cooperate with each other with the purpose of improvement of quality of rendered services, maintenance of public trust and performance of the special duties connected with professional independence".