Administrative consulting

Wise transformations it is similar to creation process
P. Buaft

Strategic management is based on the creative beginning, ability to adapt and constantly to study for the purpose of achievement of competitive advantages.

Qualitative business management – the key to success and prosperity of any enterprise. Business expansion, creation of the new enterprises, increase in sales volumes raise the questions demanding the fastest decision:

  • how effectively to operate growing number of businesses;
  • how to distribute the resources between the steady, developing and perspective directions;
  • how to provide operational management of business.

Today in the field the FPK Consulting group offers the following services:

Organizational diagnostics of the enterprises

  • inspection of the enterprise and assessment of personnel and production potential;
  • formation of system is more whole than the organization and strategy of their achievement;
  • development of organizational structure and control system; definition of administrative problems and their assessment, development of recommendations and help in implementation of recommendations.

Consultation on a choice of technology of a business management

Usually such services are necessary for the enterprise during the whole period of reforming and directly after its end. They include statement of elements of regular management:

  • development of mission and strategy;
  • development of financial structure of the enterprise;
  • development of communication structure;
  • development of duty regulations, systems of an assessment and motivation of the personnel.

Development of marketing and marketing strategy

  • market analysis, diagnostics of competitive position of the company;
  • choice of target segments, development of the plan of marketing and sale;
  • development of price strategy of the enterprise;
  • statement of service of marketing and sale.