Property assessment

     FLCrenders services in estimation of cost of real estate, the objects of intellectual property (OIP), the enterprise (business), securities, cars, the equipment, vehicles and other objects of the civil rights.

     Estimation of cost is made for the following purposes and in the following situations:

  • at determination of cost of a contribution to authorized capital;
  • at inventory (account) and introduction of objects of the civil rights in economic turnover of the enterprise;
  • at permission of receivership proceeding (including within executive production);
  • at determination of cost of the equity stake;
  • at delivery (receiving) the credit on the security;
  • at revaluation of fixed assets of the enterprise;
  • for optimization of tax payments;
  • for involvement of investors;
  • at a resolution of conflicts when using OIS, including when determining damage owing to violation of exclusive rights to OIS.