Tax consulting

"Everyone has the right to run the financial business so that to minimize the corresponding tax payments;  nobody has to plan the expenses and the income to the maximum convenience of the Ministry of Finance;  for the citizen there is no patriotic debt to increase own tax in ыплаты". 
The federal Judge of the U.S. Supreme Court the Hand, business "Helvering against Gregory"

Since 2000 the saved up experience of protection of the rights of the taxpayer becomes available to wide audience during holding seminars and lectures.

Specialists of group developed a package of measures on decrease in debt of taxpayers and maintenance of the relations with tax authorities. Efficiency of techniques is very high, for example, on one of the largest enterprises within 5 months 2004 the debt to the budget (without offsets and restrukturization) was lowered from 40 million rubles to 12 million rubles.

Starting point of serious work with any enterprise is the legal analysis of a tax situation skilled tax lawyers. By results of the analysis actions for decrease in debt and optimization of the current tax payments are carried out. The useful experience of such work was got in Moscow, the Omsk region and the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area. The debt of the organizations as a result of work of specialists of group decreased on the average by 30-40%.

The most important direction of tax consultation – the statement of the registration tax policy accompanied by conducting control over the implementation of tax rules established by the law.

We see growing need of the enterprises for skilled professionals in the field of the taxation. We hope that, helping to resolve problems in the field of the taxation we make the contribution to development of domestic economy.

     Tax arbitration

  • formation of an optimum position of protection, drawing up statements of claim, appeal and appeals, statements for protest bringing, representation of interests of clients in arbitration courts and tax administrations;

     Tax planning

  • strategic and routine tax planning, analysis of possibility of decrease in a tax debt of the organization;
  • maintenance of restructuring of a tax debt in budgets of various levels and debt on extrabudgetary contributions;
  • development and maintenance of individual low-tax schemes of the organization of financial and economic activity of the enterprise;
  • the organization of tax divisions in enterprise structure;
  • the analysis of the tax and property risks arising in the course of reorganization of the enterprise;

     Tax audit

  • carrying out an audit inspection for the purpose of conclusion preparation about degree of compliance of tax accounting and the taxation at the enterprise to the order established by the legislation of the Russian Federation;
  • analysis of reliability of calculation of taxable base;

     Tax legal profession

the group saved up rich and versatile experience in area of tax disputes, unique practices in the field of protection of the rights of taxpayers at different stages of consideration and investigation of criminal cases (Art. 199 of the criminal code of Russian Federation)

     Tax examinations 
carrying out examinations concerning compliance of payment of taxes and fees to the existing Russian legislation, protection of the rights of officials of the organizations at initiation of criminal cases under article 199 of the criminal code of Russian Federation;