Auditor services

Never take anything trust in what with evidence it isn't confident: in other words, diligently avoid haste and prejudice and include in judgments only that is represented to mind so clearly and distinctly that won't be able to give a reason to doubt at all.
R. Descartes

Audit of accounting (financial) reports according to the Russian standards of audit.

This kind of activity is strictly regulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation, rules (standards) of auditor activity, and also intra firm standards and instructions. Fulfilling requirements of the specified regulations, we strictly follow norms of professional ethics and requirements for confidentiality observance.

Usually audit is carried out step by step within a year. It allows the Client to consider in due time all remarks and to make necessary amendments. During carrying out audit free consulting maintenance on problems of methodology of accounting and the taxation is carried out.

Audit of accounting (financial) reports according to the international standards of audit. This type of service is focused on foreign owners (investors), taking into account the main requirements imposed to an audit report in the country of residence of the investor.

Audit of tax obligations (tax audit). It is carried out as a preventive measure before (or at the same time c) tax audit and allows to avoid attraction to tax responsibility.

Special audit. It is carried out on specific questions of financial and economic activity. Ecological audit, subsurface use audit, audit of stocks - types of the special audit offered the enterprises of an oil-extracting complex.

Highly qualified specialists will carry out an assessment of correctness of following of the enterprises to the prirorodookhranny legislation. Development of the recommendations necessary for rational use of a subsoil and natural resources, introduction of resource-saving technologies will allow to prevent possible production accidents. And audit of stocks will provide information on correctness of calculation of stocks which will allow to determine the potential of production and profit of the enterprises. Carrying out such audit is directed on increase of competitiveness and profitability of production of the audited enterprises, attraction of investments.