Crisis management

Time of general crises doesn't allow half measures
V. Vilzer

Reforming of the enterprise which provides the internal changes directed on a conclusion of the enterprise from crisis, growth of production efficiency and, as a result, its development can become the most important direction of anti-recessionary policy.

Crisis control has to be exercised professionals who at all talents can't be prepared in one-two months. Now for implementation of anti-recessionary policy the unique way – use of team approach. The specially created and trained team of highly professional economists, lawyers, managers, marketing specialists is capable to prepare and carry out the program of financial improvement of the enterprise.

     The group renders a complex of services in the field of crisis management:

  • Carrying out the analysis of financial and economic activity of the enterprise with identification of the reasons influencing change of indicators of financial stability, carrying out the legal analysis of the transactions made by the managing subject;
  • Consulting legal support of the enterprise and arbitration managing directors during procedures of financial improvement, development of programs of recovery from the crisis;
  • Business reforming: complex of actions for recovery from the crisis, debt restructuring, strategic planning, prevention of procedure of bankruptcy;
  • Capital and property restructuring; .
  • Reorganization of the enterprises.

     The group saved up experience of performance of examinations by the following types

  • examination of a financial state and solvency of the organizations
  • examination of business plans of the organizations
  • examination of actions of heads of the organizations and arbitration managing directors