Auditing work

First try, then trust.
Russian national saying

Business needs protection not only from the outside, from external adverse factors, but also from within, including, from own management.

Practical experience of heads of the enterprises speaks about need of implementation of system control of activity of heads and responsible persons. Expenses from abuses of such persons can be rather great.

For identification of such cases, for the prevention of opportunities of causing material damage the enterprise and decrease in the corresponding motivations at heads needs acceptance of complex measures.

One of the most effective actions is carrying out audits of financial and economic activity by forces of the involved experts.

Specialists of Group got extensive experience of carrying out audits practically in all spheres of business (the industrial enterprises, credit institutions, insurance companies, trade, transport, construction).

The fulfilled techniques of auditing checks allow to open the facts of financial frauds, forgeries, the conclusions of the transactions causing damage of the organization, plunders of material values and other abuses.

Audit of financial and economic activity of the organizations, their branches and subsidiaries
it is carried out by request of owners or organization management

Audit of joint activity
it is carried out by request of the participant of joint activity